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Release Notes

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Versioning scheme

KMongo follows the Mongo java driver versioning.

So a KMongo 3.4.x version uses a 3.4+ Mongo java driver version, a 3.5.x uses a 3.5+ and so on.

The .x is used for KMongo patch releases.

Upgrading to 4.x from 3.12.x

The 4.0 release is a major release for the mongo java driver as per the definition of semantic versioning. As such, users that upgrade to this release should expect breaking changes.

Please consult the list of breaking changes of the java driver:

KMongo introduces also breaking changes on its own:

  • The mongodb-driver-sync is used for synchronous versions, the mongodb-driver-legacy is not used anymore
  • The reactive driver is used for asynchronous versions, as the java async driver is not available anymore
  • All KMongo deprecated methods and classes in 3.12 are removed in 4.0
  • Minimum supported jvm is now 1.8 (was 1.6). You have to set the property jvmTarget to 1.8 (or more) in your gradle or maven descriptor

KMongo dependencies

For the KMongo versions using the Jackson mapping engine:

For kotlinx serialization mapping:

For reactor: