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data class Jedi(val name: String, val age: Int)

col.insertOne(Jedi("Luke Skywalker", 19)) //java driver method
col.insertOne("{name:'Yoda',age:896}")    //KMongo extension function

//object mapping & mongo shell query format is supported ->
val yoda : Jedi? = col.findOne("{name: {$regex: 'Yo.*'}}")

//type-safe query style is recommended for complex apps ->
val luke = col.aggregate<Jedi>(
            match(Jedi::age lt yoda?.age),

Native and Lightweight

KMongo features are available via Kotlin extensions - you use transparently the core MongoDB java driver API (both sync and async drivers are supported)

With complete async support

You can use extensions for classic callbacks style, Kotlin Coroutines or RxJava2.

Built-in Object Mapping

Object oriented programming is usually better - use Objects, not Maps. Powered by the native POJO Codec or by the Jackson library.

Type-safe queries

Have you already queried an Int field with a String value? KMongo type-safe query system removes the query type errors. Provided with an optional annotation processor.

Mongo shell queries

You can copy/paste your queries from the Mongo shell in your IDE. Write readable source code!