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data class Jedi(val name: String, val age: Int)

col.insertOne(Jedi("Luke Skywalker", 19)) //java driver method
col.insertOne("{name:'Yoda',age:896}")    //KMongo extension function

//object mapping & mongo shell query format is supported ->
val yoda : Jedi? = col.findOne("{name: {$regex: 'Yo.*'}}")

//type-safe query style is recommended for complex apps ->
val luke = col.aggregate<Jedi>(
            match(Jedi::age lt yoda?.age),

Native and Lightweight

KMongo features are available via Kotlin extensions - you use transparently the core MongoDB java driver API (both sync and reactive streams (ie async) drivers are supported)

With complete reactive streams & async support

You can use extensions for reactive streams style, Kotlin Coroutines, Reactor or RxJava2.

Built-in Object Mapping

Object oriented programming is usually better - use Objects, not Maps. Powered by the native POJO Codec, the Jackson library or Kotlinx Serialization.

Type-safe queries

Have you already queried an Int field with a String value? KMongo type-safe query system removes the query type errors. Provided with an optional annotation processor.

Mongo shell queries

You can copy/paste your queries from the Mongo shell in your IDE. Write readable source code!